About Bluechem Group

Mr. Werner Urban – President bluechemGROUP

About bluechemGROUP
Since 1988, Bluechem’s products have been used to clean and protect the auto industry, and they are rapidly distributed around the globe.
For almost 30 years, our products have been used by reputable car companies. To meet the needs of the market, we have large global distributors to quickly bring the products to consumers.

Along with the breakthrough development, we have launched many different brands and become BluechemGROUP. BluechemGROUP (BCG) is a corporation with global companies and partners in more than 100 countries. The success of BluechemGROUP is based on the development and invention of high quality and environmentally oriented products. The creative capacity, expertise and highly qualified staff are fundamental to the development of BluechemGROUP.

The development of bluechemGROUP.

Over the years BluechemGroup has grown and many partners around the world have come to us. We have marketed more than 5,000 products worldwide. Our partners in more than 100 countries have developed very well, we always create the best conditions for our customers.
For new technology, we are always working closely with scientists and organizations and car manufacturers to test and evaluate to meet the growing market demand.

Cooperation is the key to success.
With the production and development of high-tech products, our goal is to provide our customers and partners with an experience and a sense of superior quality products. Product quality is due to independent evaluation by reputable organizations, scientists, through rigorous testing procedures.
Close cooperation with industry and scientific partners has always been at the core of new technology trials. This is a major contribution to the challenges of increasing market demand. The Bluechem and PRO-TEC brands are the flagship of BluechemGROUP.